jmartin (jmartin2) wrote,

Just so I remember

Things Katie and I have done recently:
  • Told each other nursery rhymes and made up silly rhymes in the car on the way home from school
  • Had a beanbag fight
  • Sorted and counted pink and purple buttons (at her initiation)
  • Made a button string
  • Read the story of "The Christmas Horses" from On the Banks of Plum Creek (which includes the story of Laura and Mary making a button string for Carrie's Christmas present.
I continue to be astonished at how in love with her I am. Other things to remember:
  • Our favorite lullaby at the moment is "I see the moon and the moon sees me." I always sing it twice: once for her, once for me.
  • She has recently discovered the American Girl catalog: "Oh, Mama! An ice skating doll! Oh, Mama! She has hair clips!"
  • She is beginning to want to write words and even stories. There is one about "Baby deer and her mother" that is lost forever because Daniel neglected to transcribe it -- I must remember to do this when she makes up stories for me.
  • She loves her daddy too. She's been begging to go to Google with him for weeks now.
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