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Some teacher

The other day I had reason to wander through Katie's classroom in the early morning, before school started -- usually I stay fairly close to the door and the coat hooks. I came to the "circle area" and noticed the current read-aloud sitting on the chalk ledge: Charlotte's Web. Katie told me they had begun it the previous day and confided that they had read the whole first chapter (emphasis hers.) A far cry, I must say, from Bread and Butter for You and Me, or, for heaven's sake, Barney videos. Have I mentioned lately how I love Katherine's school and especially her teacher. Because I do, I really do.

P.S. On Thursday morning, in their "families" -- groups of students that span the grade levels from pre-K to 12 -- the whole school had a scarecrow-building contest. Katie's family won 2nd place with a most entrancing scarecrow-witch. Katie brought the broom.
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