jmartin (jmartin2) wrote,

Present anxiety

I've spent the better part of the late afternoon wrapping presents for K..  And now I find myself in distress, with worries about how she'll react on Christmas morning:  Are there enough toys?  Will she mind getting mostly handmade gifts?  Will the clothes fit her?  Will she like them?  Will there be enough presents for her to open?  Will her stocking be full enough?  I've even reassigned one of her birthday presents (meant for Jan. 3rd) to Christmas just to be on the safe side. 

This is totally ridiculous.  She is getting presents from Santa, from us, from her grandparents (maternal and paternal), her aunts and uncles (five in total), her great grandmother, her great aunts (two of them), and several members of our parish -- and who knows who else?  There will be at least three unwrapping sessions.  She will be overjoyed.

Beyond that, there will be plenty of magic -- the creche and carol service at church, where she will sing "Away in a Manger" and participate in setting up the Nativity scene; caroling with the Choral Society; the unutterably beautiful midnight Mass; and most importantly, time spent with her loving family...

I must remember that Christmas need not be the three-ring circus it was in my childhood to be memorable and special.

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