jmartin (jmartin2) wrote,

Quick question -- selling craft items

I made a felt caddy to hold Katie's colored pencils while she's coloring in church so they don't go clattering all over the stone floor, and a friend saw it and asked me to make some for her niece and nephews.  Specifically, she offered to pay me to make them.  I'm not generally comfortable selling my crafts, but the more I make and the better I get at making things, the more people have been asking to buy things from me.  I guess I'm wondering -- if anybody has any experience selling crafts, either to friends and family, or at craft fairs or on Etsy or some other way, could you tell me what worked for you and what didn't; and if anybody has been in a position like mine and decided not to sell, how did you handle requests to buy things?

(I made the felt pencil rolls and I'll be giving them to my friend today. The details are here along with a photograph and pertinent questions for anyone who's still reading at this point.)

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