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Crafting for a cause

I'm encouraging all of my friends to visit the Mama to Mama blog site to see why I am trying to convince Daniel that all of his ratty old SFA t-shirts need a new home.

Basically, it's a new site designed to link mothers to other mothers in need through "the gift of handmade." The first project is geared toward Haiti, where the maternal mortality rate is obscenely high, as is the rate of death among children under five. The project supplies birth attendants with a "safe birthing kit" for each new mother, which will include handmade baby caps (from recycled t-shirts) which anyone can make.

Yes, anyone. I tried it. Even if you can't hem a pair of pants you can make this cap. It's a lot of fun. And if you can't part with your old college t-shirts *AHEM* you can go to the Goodwill and buy some on the cheap. Try it -- it'll make you feel good. And tell me if you do -- we can be cap buddies, as Katherine would say.
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