jmartin (jmartin2) wrote,

A delightful day

I woke up around 2am this morning, which is normally a problem but I had work to do so I was just as glad to be up.  I got my bills paid and out of the way and spent the rest of the wee hours making cashmere baby hats out of thrifted sweaters -- this is such a simple and satisfying project that it overwhelms me with good feelings of soft fuzzy accomplishment.  I had a therapy appointment early and left the house before Daniel and Katherine woke up.  Spent a little time shopping and returned home to a happy daughter and a hard-working husband.

Peanut-butter sandwiches were perfect for a quick lunch, and then by some miracle Katie entertained herself for a long enough time for me to take a pleasant nap.  She did wake me up at one point to ask me to get the scrap fabric box down, but that occupied her for a good while and I woke up on my own, ready to take on the afternoon.  I did a menu plan for the week and a grocery list and packed K in the car to go shopping.  

We hit Rita's for some water ice before the market and Katie was thrilled.  She behaved tolerably well in the Acme and only lost it in the car on the way home, when a brief rain shower threatened to wash out the My-Little-Pony-Pool-Party she'd had in the works.  The rain stopped and she pulled herself together, so I gave her a bucket of water and she went to town.  It really was a ridiculously easy afternoon.

I spent some time working on plans for the week and then hit the kitchen to make the first home-cooked meal I've done in quite a while -- it's been Kraft Dinner and frozen pizza all the way these last weeks, but I had energy today so I took advantage.  We didn't eat until quite late but it was really good, ham and scalloped potatoes and green beans, with strawberries for dessert that K picked herself that we made into strawberry shortcake.  While we ate we watched an episode of Good Eats, our current favorite family show -- a really fun episode, "The House of the Rising Bun."  Daniel and Katie both helped me clean up.

So I'm basking in the calm and peacefulness of the day and trying not to hear Katie thrash out her nightly tantrum at going to bed -- let Daniel take care of that.  (I did offer to help and he declined.)  I'm going to play games for a while and then take a shower and go to bed, because tomorrow Katie and I are on our own, and while i expect it to be another good day I'm sure it will not be without its challenges. 

Meanwhile -- a lovely quiet evening!  I hope the rest of the summer goes as well as today did.

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